The Montessori story

Montessori pedagogy comes from the idea of Marie Montessori, an Italian doctor and teacher. She started to create her work concept with children in 1897. She believed that children themselves want to explore the surrounding world and learn new skills. It is, first of all, essential to created safe, supporting and stimulating environment to ensure healthy development.

Maria Montessori

Marie Montessori knew the existing theory of education very well. She experimented with materials and tools. She observed children working. And in cooperation with other teachers she gradually established a method that spread all over the world during the 20th century.

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Modern Montessori pedagogy

Throughout decades the Montessori Method underwent other development and its results were verified in practice and in research. It is a modern approach that stands on scientific knowledge about children’s healthy development. It is used by teacher on all continents. It is in the first place known thanks to the unique methodological tools.

The main idea of the approach remains the same: Upbringing and education is based on respect and support of the individual development of every child.

We want the children in Mozaika to be happy

The Montessori approach makes sense to us. Therefore we indentified ourselves with it in our school. We help children fully develop what they are good at. We support them not to afraid to try new things every day. We follow these principles whilst working:

Two-way respect

We react to children’s individual needs. We support them in telling us their opinions and contributing in the class operations. We pay attention to good rapports in the whole school.

The children learn to respect authorised requests from the teachers and peers – gaining healthy self-respect meanwhile.

Freedom and responsibility

We let the children keep their freedom in the measure they are able to be responsible for their decisions. At kindergarten they can choose the activities they feel like doing. They say themselves whether they will learn counting today, or whether they prefer learning something about the nature with their friends. We coordinate their activities. We help them complete each started action, enjoy the activity and learn as much as possible at the same time.

At school the children adapt to the group more easily or they get engaged in what the teacher wants to show them. Also here they are involved in everything that is happening in the school. We discuss the ideas they come up with.

Respecting children’s development needs

We believe that in children there is a huge natural will for healthy development and an enormous desire to be part of the society they were born into. In each development period a child is ready to manage another task. And they are very much interested in activities that help them achieve it.

We use these sensitive periods. We maximally support children’s curiosity and give them space to realise themselves.

Stimulating and supportive environment

The school is to motivate and attract children to learn. We try to make the children feel safe with us and see that we love them. We teach them understand that mistakes belong to life and they can be corrected. Every child is skilful. We want them to know it and enjoy their success.

Classes are various in terms of the age. When a child understands a problem, they can explain it to a younger friend and this way they strengthen the knowledge. Moreover, this way they learn empathy and kindness.

We use Montessori material

Montessori materials offer children to get to know the world using all their senses. Thanks to the illustration of the world they easily understand even a more difficult topic.

A sophisticated method, kind handling and individual approach are our guarantee that your child fully uses their talent and desire to get to know the world.

Look how the children learn with us:

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