16_12_foto AdamWe commenced our adolescent programme in September 2017.

20171220_094223 (1)Our youth programme is founded on the principal of boarding. Boarding not only ables to acquire new responsibilities and to develop a range social and transferable skills helping to create a stronger community and future society. Students arrive on Monday morning and they stay in the school until Thursday afternoon, when they return home or go to their host-families, in case of international students. Their lodgings at school are in shared en suite rooms.

20171220_094838The comming Spring affords students opportunities for learning through occupations (e.g. chicken ranching, gardening, composting, hosting guests, organising events for the community, beekeeping and others). However, if students are interested in specific projects, we are willing to accommodate their ideas in to the programme.



20171220_094923This is an exciting and adventurous opportunity for young learners to gain an educational experience in an environment that promotes independence, leadership and life skills all within a Montessori setting.

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21369518_1247372865368174_8870697658182256491_nIf you require any furtner information, or just want to know more, please contact us


We are here to answer any of your questions and to help explain the details of our youth programme and our community.