We create the best environment for the development of your children

And for us, the most important thing for your children is that they are happy in the kindergarten and it is a pleasure for them to come again.


What is happening?

We prepare schedule of morning and afternoon blocks with regard to children and their needs.

For example, children are looking forward to…

We also work on a variety of topics and projects, go on trips, organize interesting events both for you and your kids and we organize summer camps. We encourage the children’s natural curiosity and teach them to work together with friends.

Also this is a reason why kids in Mozaika naturally learn something new every day.

Příběh dvouletého Kryštofa

Practical information:

When are we opened for you?

7:30 – 8:15 We meet in kindergarten, preferably 8:00 to start the morning program
15:30 – 16:00 You come to pick up your children and to speak with teachers
16:00 – 17:00 Children who remain attend hobby groups
17:00 You pick up your kids from hobby groups

What is the price? Price list 2017/2018

All-day attendance for 5 days a week 10 600 CZK per month
All-day attendance for 4 days a week 10 250 CZK per month
All-day attendance for 3 days a week 7 850 CZK per month

One-time registration fee of 800 CZK.

We are not VAT payers.


In kindergarten the children need:

It is better if you write the child´s name on it. On the clothes use the descriptor for textiles, for toothbrush CD descriptor.

How the children eat?

We want the children to eat healthy. That is the reason why the meals are cooked from healthy ingredients with no chemical additives.