We choose your teachers carefully. They are highly qualified with diplomas gained in the republic and/or abroad. They always treat children with respect. They pass their knowledge on to the children so that the children are able to think about it and actually use it.

Reading and writing

Children learn letters already in our kindergarten. Besides they learn to understand the meaning of the whole words. At school we use the method of the programme called Reading and Writing for Critical Thinking. We lead our pupils to be able to think about the texts, find their own ways of learning and implement the information into everything they already know.

Foreign Languages

In Mozaika the children meet English speaking teachers and, therefore, they naturally gain the basics of a foreign language and the right accent. Children speak first – and they are not afraid to speak. Later, they get to know the written form of the language. They start with English; also they can choose French as a second language from the first grade. We start with songs, games, and tales.


Throughout the programme in the kindergarten the children work with Montessori material, which helps them understand the basics of mathematics. At school the classes are more systematic, but even then they are given demonstrative tools to help them create a particular notion of advanced mathematical operations. Thanks to them the children can easily understand fractions, decimals, roots and the principles of geometry.


The world, nature, and culture

The children get to know the surrounding world thanks to projects, they explore the answers to their questions and they ask them as well. They gain the insight into basic nature’s laws, biology, geology, physics or chemistry – but also the social sciences. We do not forget the development of artistic and musical skills. We teach them that everything is in connection with everything. Classes are practical. The children make experiments, they take care of plants and animals, they develop their fantasies.

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Healthy movement

We skate, ski, swim, cycle, do gymnastics. Children can do yoga within their daily classes in the classroom. We spend a lot of time outside. Simply, we try to offer the widest range of possibilities to develop their movement skills. We support them to use fully what they are good at. And they are not afraid to try things they do not know yet.

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