Chika says: Elementary school children are interested in how the world functions. The world is full of wonders and mysteries and it gives me great joy to share all of their discoveries and excitement.

And as they grow, they will grow to realize that they are also part of this world and there should be something they can contribute to the world.

It is my hope that I can help them finding this „cosmic task.“ Furthermore, I would be thrilled if they end up using English to help them pursue their dreams in the future, just like English has enabled me to study and do what I love, Montessori!

After she learned a B.A. in English and American literature from Rikkyo /St‘ Paul’s University, Tokyo, Japan, Chika moved to Canada to study English at the University of Victoria Language Centre.

She then  proceeded to earn an A.M.I. elementary diploma from Fondazione Centro Internazionale Studi Montessoriani, Italy as well as an A.M.I. Casa dei Bambini diploma from Vienna Montessori Institute.

She has taught English at a Japanese Montessori children’s house and elementary school. During school holidays, she focused her energy on translating Montessori training courses from English into Japanese.

Most recently, after her second Montessori training, she was teaching at International Montessori children’s house in Tokyo as a substitute teacher for a teacher on maternity leave.