from birth to 2 years
Budova základní školy Montessori Mozaika při pohledu z venku

A first introduction to nursery can be shared with your child.

Familiarisation with materials

Teacher familiarises children and parents with the materials used aiding a childs development. Parents are able to expecience first hand how exactly the materials help a child's development.

Sharing themes of parenthood

The meeting thakes place in a plesant atmosphere for sharing - we discuss important topics. We can answer your questions, give tips and and provide inspiration for your home environment.

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What does it look like?

For both babies and aslo toddlers

For parents with children or expecting mothers

Meetings take place in two groups, which we form according to the situation.
For parents with babies it is mainly a plesant meeting with other parents within an inspiring environmentwhere we provide mentoring for parents.
It can help toddlers become accustomed to the classroom and to the teacher before joining the nursery.

When does the meeting take place?

9.00-10.00, 10:30-11:30

The first semester begins on 16th September 2022 and ends 27th January 2023.
The second semester begins on 24th February 2023 and ends on 23rd June 2023.
You can join at any time if there is capacity in the group.

2 600 CZK per half-yer
That price is definite. We are not VAT payers.
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What to bring?
indoor shoes
comfortable, spare clothes
Adults also like Mozaika

I will never forget how my doughter developed from a lying baby on a floor playing with a grip ball just before she started to attend the toddlers group, to peeling an egg which she then served for us.

Hanka D.