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Nursery enrollment


Information for those interested in enrolling Mozaika Nusery

Budova základní školy Montessori Mozaika při pohledu z venku

Dear parents,

we are pleased about your interest in Mozaika. We support children from birth to the age of 15. We will happily provide the opportunity for us to get to know each other better to make sure that Mozaika is the place you are looking for for your children and yourself.

Please also take a look at our Facebook page, na Mozaika´s Instagram and the video from our toddlers.

How to prepare for enrollment

Before enrolling, or as soon as possible after starting nursery, we recommend that you attend the following events and courses, which will help us in mutual communication and support of our child.

  • From the first few months you can attend Klubíčko together with your children = morning for (grand) parents with children. It is ideal to visit Klubíčko at least six months before starting Nursery.
  • We recommend a course for respectful communication to both parents, e.g. Výchova bez poražených. The art of communication is key to family satisfaction and child development.
  • We recommend evenings in Mozaika, especially Montessori na vlastní kůži.

Number of places in the Nursery

Regular enrollment in Nursery takes place at the beginning of May for the next school year. The number of places is affected by primary school registrations taking place in April, the postponement of school attendance, the reduction of the number of children in the class due to statutory reasons and the like.

Extraordinary registration can take place at any time if there is free capacity at the Nursery.

From Sepember 2024 there will probably be 9 free spaces in the Nursery.

Criteria for admission to Nursery

The criteria of admission to Nursery are as follows, identical for the toddler classroom an the nursery classroom.

  • The child has siblings in Mozaika Primary School and Nursery (2points).
  • The legal representatives know and share pedagogical approach in the Nursery (4 points).

According to Secion 50 of the Act on the Protection of Public Health, the condition for a child´s admission to nursery is to fulfill the obligation to undergo the prescribed regular vaccinations, or to have proof that the child is immune to infection or cannot undergo vaccination due to contraindications. This obligation does not apply to a child who completes compulsory pre-school eduation.

Children will be admitted to preschool education in the order of the number of points obtained. If, due to the limited capacity of the nursery it is not possible to accept all children, the decision will be made through a draw if the criteria are met. The draw is conducted by the Headteacher in the presence of one member of the school board, the legal representatives concerned will also be invited. Children´s registration numbers are drawn, a written record is made of the draw and the result will be made visible on the school building and published on the school´s website. The condition of a child´s admission to Nursery is the conclusion of an agreement on the conditions of attendance, as part of regular enrollment, no later than May 15, 2024, and the payment of school fees for the month of September 2024 according to the conditions specified in the agreement.

Procedure for admission

If you are thinking about enrolling in nursery, arrange a pesonal visit with Daša Tóthová, our Head of Nursery, to make sure that we can meet your expectations.


Documents for extraorinary enrollment during the 2023/2024 school year

To apply for our Nursery, download and fill out the following douments:

The above documents must be attached for verification (verified by an administrative employee):

  • child´s birth certificate

The price list for the 2023/2024 school year can be found here.

Documents for official registration in May 2024

To apply for our Nursery, download and fill out the following douments:

The above documents must be attached for verification (verified by an administrative employee):

  • child´s birth certificate

The price list for the  2024/2025 can be found here.

The application for child´s admission (together with other documents) can be delivered to our school in one of the following ways. As part of the regular registration, delivery is scheduled from May 2, 2024 to May 15, 2024.
  1. to the school data box (box ID: xkwdh75),
  2. by e-mail with a recognized electronic signature (you cannot just send a simple e-mail) to the address: podatelna@montessorimozaika.cz,
  3. by post to he address: Základní škola a Mateřská škola Mozaika, školská právnická osoba, Myšlínská 30, 251 64 Mnichovice,
  4. personally to the school office,
  5. or by dropping it in the mailbox at the entrance gate to the school.

Enrollment results

The results of the administrative procedure 2023/2024 can be found here.

Published on 9. 11. 2023

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