The school where your child will develop


Helping children develop the gifts and opportunities they have.

The Montessori approach

What makes our school different?

We value the uniqueness of each child

We care about each child's knowledge and personality development of soft skills. We do this through the Montessori methodology. We offer children activities that support their natural abilities at a given age. Thanks to our respectful and cooperative approach, we are able to support a child’s wellbeing and in turn they are able to focus on their learning.

Offering a science based professional approach

In 1st-6th grade, children work together in a shared classroom, using sophisticated resources and have the opportunity to understand patterns in depth through a scientific approach. After that, a big change awaits them, the transition to the adolescent programme (grades 7 to 9).

Grade 1-6

Connects academic knowledge to life

Teens in grades 7 to 9 connect academic knowledge with practical activities. In a variety of disciplines, they experience situations where their expertise makes it easier to work in the garden or on large projects. Adults help them to take care of themselves, cook for themselves, look after the bees or manage money.

Adolescent programme

Marie Montessori designed this method of education because of her great understanding of the development that adolescents go through.