Nursery in which both children and parents are happy

3-6 years
Budova základní školy Montessori Mozaika při pohledu z venku
How it works

We help children of pre-school age to discover things and the world around them for themselves.

Vážíme si jedinečnosti každého dítěte

We treat every child with respect and take care of every need. We use a methodology based on scientific knowledge about the development of the children.

We support children’s internal motivation

We help them develop their love to learn. Our nursery is full of materials that encourages children to to keep learning.

Leading children to autonomy

Children are naturally taught responsibility, how to care for animals, plants and classroom environment. We ensure that children spend a lot of time moving through the outdoor world.

We carefully select our teachers

We want our teachers to havelots of educational experience and to always treat children in a respectful manner and with kindness. For us a friendly atmosphere in the classroom is very important.

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Children learn English.
Just like this...

Thanks to the presence of English-speaking teachers, children are automaticallye ngaged with communication in English.

More about Montessori principles

When I saw my daughter in the first few days, as she gave a kiss to the teacher when she left home, I was assured that she was happy and had a good time in such a nice environment with great teachers.

Tereza P.

Your child isn’t yet old enough for nursery? Then it is an  Ideal time to start visiting our Klubíčko or Toddlers class.

More about Klubíčko
Our common goal

At the end of your pre-school education, your child will:

  • be able to express its emotions and needs, recognises that it is part of the children’s community;
  • be interested in the environment of the class, caring for plants and animals;
  • be able to recognise the world of all meanings;
  • have to someone count, read, write – depending on interest and talent;
  • build self-confidence thanks to what it can do and what it can be useful for others;
  • perceive English as a means of communication with people who do not speak Czech;
  • also be able to focus on long and complicated procedures.
I want this for my child
Daily programme

Activities in Nursery

We are preparing the morning and afternoon programme which wil take into account children and their needs. For example, children can look forward to:

arts and musical activities
craft work
caring of animals
plant and garden management, forest days
outdoor games, discovery and collaborative games
sands, poems and theatre
dance, yoga, mobile games and activities

Throughout the year, we are also working on a wide range of topics and projects, going on excursions, organising events for children and for you, as well as camps during the summer. We encourage natural curiosity in children and teach them to work with friends. Activities are developed according to the cycle of nature, cultural and social habits and the interests of children.

Daytime schedule


Preferably at 8.00, we meet in the nursery at the beginning of the morning programme. The children are encouraged to get changed themselves.

Morning programme

In the class, they are engaged in morning activities and preparations of snacks. They also také care of the garden and go for walks.

Lunch and rest preparation

The children have lunch together. After lunch, they do some cleaning and than prepare for rest.

Early pick up time – from advanced notification
Rest, snacks and afternoon activities

After lunch, the children rest. Either then go to sleep or read. After the afternoon snack we can all look forward to out into the garden again.

Pick up time

Parents come to pick up their children and we discuss what we have done during the day.

Extra curricular activities – read more about extra curricular activities HERE

Children who stay enjoy entertainment in xtra curricular activities. By 17.00 at the latest, the children leave the nursery to go home with their parents., které zůstaly, si užívají zábavu v . Nejpozději v 17.00 děti odcházejí spolu s rodiči ze školky domů.


We want our children to be healthy. We cook with fresh ingredients, without chemical additives.

We adapt our food to the smallest children. We are preparing the snacks together with the children, the lunches are cooked by our cook.

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Tuition fees 2022/23

14 950 Kč měsíčně

The tuition fees are set for a month of full-time attendance 7.30-16.00, 5 days a week.  Lunches and snacks are not included in the cost of tuition fees. Siblings or children living in the same household with lower school fees, are entitled to a reduction of 10 %.
There is a one-off registration fee of CZK 800.
Those prices are definitive as we are not VAT payers.

Start attending Mozaika

You can visit Klubíčko which is a morning for parents/grandparents with their children for the first few months of their life. It is ideal to visit Klubíčkoat least half a year before joining the toddlers.
We recommend to both parents a course about respect in communication, e.g.  Parent effectivness training. The art of communication is crucial for family satisfaction and for the development of the child.
We recommend attending evening events in Mozaika e.g. Pohoda s batolaty or Montessori na vlastní kůži.
How to start
If you are considering enrolment, make a personal visit with the nursery teachers to make sure that we can meet your expectations.
Children 2-3 years old

If you have children aged 2-3, please contact Katka Vosátková (toddlers),  Write an e-mail

Older children

If you have older children , contact Dasha Tóth (school), Write an e-mail

Adults also like Mozaika

When I saw my daughter during the first few days, how she kisses the teacher as we go home, I was assured that she was happy and had a good learning environment and group that she likes being a part of.

Tereza P.