“I loved my job,” says Táňa while explaining the establishment of Mozaika. “I have had experiences with education kids both from the Czech Republic and abroad. I saw how are children affected by different approaches of the teachers. For my kids I wanted the best school in the world.

Fortunately I met people that cared of kids as much as I did. And together we established Mozaika.” A big thanks to our partners.

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The methodology we use is Montessori. Why?


Montessori believes in the power of children and their natural willingness to develop themselves and become a full part of society.


The teacher respects the individual needs of children and children learn to respect demands of teachers and their peers.


The child is granted freedom as much as he/she is able to take responsibility for their actions.


Because there are children of mixed age in the classroom, children learn from each other and are therefore more receptive to the needs of other children. They get inspired.

Když jsme pro děti z Mozaiky chystali program, překvapilo nás, jak byly samostatné, uvědomělé a jak dospěle a přitom spokojeně působily. Rády a s chutí se zapojovalydo péče o zahradu i stříhání vrbových prutů. Uklízely po sobě, sami si dělaly procházky kolem rybníka a přitom se nikdo nevrhal do vody. A když si kluci potřebovali nabrat vodu do kbelíku, přišli nám o tom říct a domluvit se, jestli to nevadí.

Žaneta Tušerová

výrobce živých staveb z proutí

Systematically, well and humanely

But the above described method of work would never have been possible without great, open minded teachers. Get them know and understand why they are a part of our Mozaika.

Táňa Kadlecová

I want the best school for children. I’m here to make kids happy every day and at the same time completely develop their potential. And to make everything working. I create the best possible conditions to ensure that teachers and other employees can do their jobs well.

James-Stuart Duffin
English teacher

Working with young people and seeing them flourish is important to me. I like to employ innovative approaches when teaching English as a second language. It’s all about helping learners to reach their potential.

Lucka Brattoli
Coordinator of English teaching

In my life I want to do things that make sense. And I want to be a good guide for children on their way to education.

Pavlína Čížková
Elementary school teacher

I want to help children in a better place, in friendly, natural education. I am fascinated by the concept of respecting access to children, which helps them grow in people with improved self-esteem.

Chika Mochida
English speaking elementary school teacher

In Montessori, we often talk about “a prepared environment” and I believe Mozaika has this environment. This is why I decided to join the Mozaika team. Mozaika has beautiful classrooms and peaceful gardens. The children have the freedom to choose their work. The teachers are passionate and pursue what they really believe in and the parents support the school and always want the best for the children.

Cécile Plantain
French teacher

J´aime enseigner aux enfants en général.

Lenka Fantová
Substitute guide

I love children and I want to be close to them, see their love for the world, enthusiastic about everything new and to be their helper.

Magdalena Todorová
English speaking teacher in kindergarten

Children are the most amazing creatures on Earth. Curious, happy, true… They have the ability to be astounded by the simplest things. We have a lot to learn from them. And I have the privilege to be doing so every single day.

Denisa Jurášová
Preschool guide

I am happy to work with children in a good background, prepared environment and in a non-conflict team.

Leonie Samarasinghe
English speaking teacher in kindergarten

Martina Průšová
Guide of toddlers

My personal goal and promise is that I will still work on myself to be a good partner and pattern for children. I want to be able to recognize and develop the potential of each individual and at the same time create a pleasant environment for everybody.

Zdeňka Lipková

I want to set and constantly optimize systems in Mozaika facilities to operate economically and teachers and parents would have a perfect service and would be able to concentrate on their roles.

Dáša Valentová

We are all concerned about the same thing. Feelling good. And it is visible.

Does our work give a sense to you? Do you want to be a part of Mozaika?